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Car Accidents
Car accidents in Southern California are occurring increasingly and can be a very stressful experience. Your vehicle could have been damaged significantly or even totaled; you or your passenger may have been seriously injured. Car accidents can cause irreparable harm including brain damage, paralysis, spinal cord injuries, neck injuries that may result in spinal cord damage, wounds, amputations, broken bones and disfigurement. There is no reason to go through this traumatic experience alone.

If you have been involved in an accident, you may want to consider the following:

    1. Seek immediate medical attention: Frequently it happens that following
        an accident, the shock of it may distract you from the physical pain you
        may be feeling. Visiting a hospital emergency room or urgent care
        and consulting your primary care physician after a serious car accident is
        very important even if you aren't feeling any immediate pain.

    2. Obtain Information: It is important to get the following information while
        at the scene of your car accident.

          • The driver's name, address, date of birth, telephone number, driver's
             license number, and license plate number.

          • Complete insurance information including company name,
             policy number and phone number.

          • The type of vehicle (year, color, model)

          • the names and contact numbers for any passengers that were in the vehicle

          • witnesses that saw the accident

          • the police officer's name and/or emergency response team
             that responded to the accident scene

    3. Contact the police: Contact the police after an accident so that a police
        report can be filed. The police will make an investigation into whether
        the person at fault has committed an egregious act such as excessive
        speeding or driving while drinking. This, along with other documents relating
        to the accident can be very helpful in your case

    4. Take Notes: It is very helpful to document the event while it is still fresh in
        your mind because many important details could be forgotten over time.
        Note what you were doing before the accident, where you were going,
        the time of day, any road conditions, weather conditions, how did the other
        driver appear, whether he was tired, intoxicated, was he speeding, ran
        the red light, etc.

    5. Do Not Take Blame: Making an admission of fault could be very damaging
        to your situation. Even if you think that it was your fault it might not be the
        case in light of all the circumstances. Cooperate

    6. Speak with an Attorney: Avoid being taken advantage by Insurance
        companies, call Laura Butkute, Esq immediately at 1-866-822-7211. In
        the case the accident is not your fault, we can help you get the money
        you are entitled to, including payment for medical bills and, if applicable,
        punitive damages. If you are unfortunately the cause of the accident, an auto
        accident lawyer will help protect you from paying an unreasonable amount
        of money to the injured.

What can you recover?

As a car accident victim or any other motor vehicle accident victim you are entitled to the following compensation that is applicable to you:

     • Rental reimbursement
     • Payment for your medical bills
     • Compensation for future medical care
     • Repair or replacement of your motor vehicle
     • Medical treatment
     • Recovery of your loss of earnings and any future losses
     • Reimbursement for your out of pocket expenses incurred
     • Maximum monetary recovery for the pain and suffering of
        your physical injuries

     • Emotional distress
     • Punitive damages

Punitive damages are awarded to the injured person when another person has committed a malicious or fraudulent act, e.g. person at fault was drunk or was driving at excessive speeds. Unfortunately, many drivers in Southern California do not carry auto insurance. Even in this case, you may still be entitled to compensation through any uninsured motorist or underinsured policy you may be carrying.

The benefit we will provide for your case:

To best prepare your case we will hire different specialists that could include investigators, accident reconstruction specialists, accountants, economists, physicians, bio-mechanics, human factor experts, and any other experts necessary to explain how your car accident happened, and how much you should be recovering. We will be able to tell when such experts will best suit your needs when negotiating a settlement with the insurance company, or in trial in order to win the best award for you.

Types of Car accidents:

Car accidents that we handle include but are not limited to rear end accidents, left turn collisions, going through stop signs, running red lights, speeding, out of control motor vehicles, drunk drivers, rollovers, unsafe lane changes, broadside collisions, and all other personal injury accidents.

No fees until we win: We work on a contingent basis which means that there are no fees unless and until we win your case. Our fees are based on a reasonable percentage of the amount we recover for you.

Should you settle the case without going to court? At Laura Butkute, Esq we will work our best to get you maximum compensation that you deserve. . Based upon our diligent preparation of each case, most of our cases are settled without going to trial. Only with your authorization we will settle cases. Sometimes however, it is not in your best interest to settle the case and it is very important to retain attorneys that have the means, knowledge and experience to take a case to trial.

At Laura Butkute, Esq we will work to get you the maximum compensation that you deserve. If that happens during settlement discussions great, however, if not we will take the case to court to fight for the money that you deserve. Based upon our diligent preparation of each case, most of our cases are settled without going to trial. Only with your authorization will we settle cases. Sometimes however, it is not in your best interest to settle the case and it is very important to retain attorneys that have the means, knowledge and experience to take a case to trial.

Medical care: Even if you don't have a health insurance, we can still find immediate medical treatment for you, and you will only have to pay back the doctors when you receive the money from the settlement.

Property damage: Car damage could be very important issue in a case. Our personal injury attorneys as a part of the service provided for you will help fight the insurance companies to get your car repaired or fully compensated for.

Fighting the insurance carriers: As Insurance companies are in a business of making money, even your personal Insurance carrier is not your side. The adjusters are trained to avoid paying settlements or offer the lowest amount possible by placing fault on victims even when they are not at fault. Only aggressive and prepared representation of a client can get good results when fighting the Insurance carriers. An attorney can conduct an investigation and preserve evidence critical to your case. You should seek medical treatment and be sure to preserve documentation of your injuries. Do not sign anything with your insurance company until you speak to an attorney to maximize your insurance payment.

What if a victim is Incapacitated? If a family member becomes incapacitated after an accident, and there is no power of attorney, a spouse or a close family member can contact an attorney on behalf of the accident victim as there is a limited time to file a case. If the injured person cannot make decisions, the court will appoint a guardian ad litem for the purposes of a lawsuit.

The injured person may be entitled to a car accident settlement – the attorney can get the process started so that the injured person will be able to collect any monies due him or her. If the injured person is still incapacitated at the time of the car accident settlement or judgment, an attorney will be able to direct you in handling the funds or may even be able to accept the funds on behalf of the injured.

Speak to an attorney now: It is in your best interest to speak to an accident lawyer as soon as possible. Pick a convenient location at one of our offices throughout Los Angeles and Orange county. Home appointment available upon request.


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