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Slip and Fall Accidents
Slip and fall accidents occur much more often than most people realize. By some estimates, millions of people each year are treated in hospitals for injuries that result from a slip and fall incident.

If you were injured in a slip and fall case you may be eligible for a settlement or a judgment. Slip and falls can happen outside or in a private home or public place.

What to Do If You were in a Slip and Fall Accident

     • Photograph the area and the substances slipped on
     • Document the scene, indicating any "wet floor" or other warning signs,
        or lack thereof

     • Take witness statements and contact information
     • Notify the property manager
     • Request to be taken to a medical facility to be checked out, even
        if you think you are not hurt

Reasonableness in Slip and Fall Cases

It is important to keep in mind that not each slip and fall case ends in a settlement of judgment. Carelessness is not protected by the law. If you trip over an exposed defect, ask yourself if a reasonable person would have noticed the defect. Accidents on wet floors present similar consideration:

     • Were there "wet floor" warning signs?
     • Would a reasonable person exercise caution when walking on the floor?
     • Did or should the owner, manager, or employee of the place know of
        the danger?

A Reasonable person standard can be determined by asking questions, like:

     • For how long was the situation dangerous
     • Was their enough time to correct the problem?
     • Does the object that caused the accident have a legitimate reason
        for being there?

An experienced injury attorney at Laura Butkute, Esq will be able to examine all the facts of the case to determine if a lawsuit is warranted.

Negligence in Slip and Fall Cases

If the victim of a slip and fall suffers an injury through no fault of his or her own, but rather because of the negligence of a property owner, the victim may be able to recover financial losses. If a property owner is aware of a potential slip and fall hazard, but does nothing to prevent an accident and someone suffers an injury then a slip and fall claim is valid and warranted.

Proving Negligence on the defendant's side in Slip and Fall cases is the key issue and can be quite challenging, because the owners of the premises are trying to "quick fix" the problem as soon as possible while at the same time destroying any evidence. It would be helpful to the case to take photographs of the scene as well as talk to the witnesses and get their testimony of what happened.

Who is Responsible in Slip and Fall Cases?

Owners are responsible in California premises liability suits if the condition of the property was dangerous, the owner knew or should have known about the dangerous condition and the owner had a reasonable amount of time to correct the situation before an injury occurred.

Causes of Slip and Fall cases

The usual conditions that cause Slip and Fall accidents include, but are not limited to : slippery floors, standing water, ice, snow, damaged or uneven walkways, slippery stairs, or poor maintenance, inadequate security, like lights or surveillance, that resulted in a preventable assault by a third party, construction site injuries, especially concerning non-construction workers, pool drowning, falling trees, loose products falling off of shelves at a store.

Why should you hire a lawyer?

Because negligence in a California premises liability lawsuit can be difficult to prove, a Los Angeles slip and fall accident lawyer at Laura Butkute, Esq can help you investigate and gather the evidence you need to ensure your injuries, lost wages, medications, and pain and suffering are compensated by the business or person responsible for the situation that caused your fall. If you've been injured, contact our lawyers immediately.

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