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Truck Accidents
Truck accidents differ from typical car accidents due to very high safety standards that apply to trucks; trucks have more extensive insurance, truck drivers are subject to drug and alcohol testing, background checks, and their hours are regulated. For example, a truck driver cannot be active for more than 14 hours in one day, or 60 hours in a seven-day span, and they must have at least 10 hours off in between shifts. A trucker may falsify the log book and drive past the allowed hours. As it might be expensive to maintain tractor trailers, some truckers may not keep up the maintenance on their trucks. Truck accidents can be catastrophic and even fatal, mostly because of the size of the truck.

While there are many personal injury firms that handle different personal injury cases, not all personal injury firms represent people involved in truck accidents. A truck injury attorney is familiar with the rules set by The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that regulate the industry. 18 wheelers and certain trucks have GPS tracking and black boxes. Our team of accident lawyers, investigators and accident reconstruction people know how to pull information from these devices together with physical information.

Contact Laura Butkute, Esq for an experienced truck injury attorney to help you receive the compensation that you may be entitled to.

If you got into a truck accident, please consider the following:

     • Contact the police
     • Get the other driver's information: name, contact information
        and insurance information.
     • If there are witnesses, ask them to wait for the police so that they can add
        to the police report.
     • Don't sign anything. Insurance adjusters often times show up at the scene
        of an accident attempting to ask the victims of the accident leading or
        incriminating questions. Do not sign anything presented to you by an insurance
        adjuster without first speaking to the California truck accident lawyers at
        Laura Butkute, Esq. You could be damaging your claim and signing
        away any future rights to compensation.
     • See your doctor immediately as delaying might harm your case. You
        may not feel injured at the time, but injuries can be manifested at a later time.
        X-rays and other tests may be able to find an injury that you cannot feel.
        Keep records of all the treatment you receive, medications, and physician
        recommendations. It is your right to choose your own physician—don't let
        the adjuster choose one for you.
     • Call your insurance company as soon as you can to avoid a delay
        that could harm your case.
     • Keep records after the accident. Take notes of how you felt right after
        the accident, how tough it was to go on with your daily activities, lifting your
        arms, putting on cloths, driving, etc. The Insurance adjusters usually argue
        that the victim is exaggerating the pain and documentation could be very
        helpful proving your claim.
     • Take photos Having photographic evidence of the accident scene and injuries
        would strengthen your case significantly as such evidence is extremely difficult
        to dispute.
     • Call a truck accident attorney. The trucking companies are experienced
        with truck accident litigation. They may have a team of investigators that
        will try to look for any kind of sign of fault in a victim. Insurance companies
        that provide you with representation may have their own interest of saving
        money and may not be the very best advocate for you.
        Call Laura Butkute, Esq at 1-866-822-7211.

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